ISO/TC 289 1st Plenary Meeting

The first plenary meeting of ISO/TC 289 was held on September 25-26 in Beijing, hosted by Standardization Administration of China (SAC) and China Council for Brand Development (CCBD). Project of leader of the ISO Central Secretariat, President of ISO/TC 289, and 30 delegates participated in this meeting representing 8 ISO member bodies from Austria, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, and China.

The meeting reached 15 decisions, the committee resolved to approve the title and scope for ISO/TC 289. The committee set up a Chairman’s Advisory Group (CAG), and Mr. LIU Pingjun, President of China Council for Brand Development (CCBD), was appointed as the convener of the CAG. For the future work of ISO/TC 289, the committee resolved to set up a communication task group to increase the awareness and promote the participation of the Committee with Bobby J. Calder as the Convener.

The committee made a proposal to TMB to allocate the ISO10668:2010 to ISO/TC 289 for its relevance to the Committee work and resolved to request a task group to consider the implications of ISO 10668:2010 for ISO/TC 289 and the need to improve the specificity of ISO 10668:2010 with David Haigh (UK) as the Convener. To set up a communication task group, President Bobby J. Calder was appointed as the Convener.

Lastly, the committee resolved to approve the places to host the next meetings from 2015 to 2017. The next plenary meeting will take place in London of UK, on June 6-9, 2015.